Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Man of My Dreams

Finally, at the age of 28, I have found my soul mate.  You know, the person we hear about in love stories? Someone just so unbelievably like the person I asked for in prayers and in my dreams.  Someone who loves me more than any other person on this earth.

It was hard for a while before I met him.  I often wondered if I would end up like one of those creepy old guys you see in the bar staring at the younger ones, with this voice in he back of their head saying that they've missed their chances.  But by following my heart and being true to myself, breaking free of everyone else's expectations and just being, I am on the right divine path and finally met "the one".  I believe that we all have a soul mate but the only way we get to that person is by following your most cherished dreams and being pure hearted.  It's essential for a relationship.

My boyfriend and I have laughed together, cried together and most importantly; loved together.  We know what each other are thinking without even saying a word.  Sometimes when we're not together, we can feel what kind of day the other is having without even knowing.  Our connection is stronger than any other we've experienced.  We are true lovers even in a world where religious fanatics tell us "gays can't have functional relationships."

With every day we spend together, our relationship is stronger and we have proved to ourselves time and time again that it doesn't matter what others think of us.  We only live by our own expectations which follows closest to our hearts and our hearts are like one.  It's our love that slays the idea of our loving expressions as being sinful. When we burn with passions, we're their for each other. We're there for each other for many reasons and all we can do is laugh at the those who make theories about us from afar but are not willing to walk with us.  Because only those who have walked in these shoes of ours, know the truth in our hearts and in our lives.  Sometimes people can see enough of that and realize that there is no "devil" in what we are doing.

The divine is with us, guiding us through our relationship.  It's unquestionable to us because of all of the magical things which we've experienced together.  Any doubts of the goodness in being gay are shattered when we are together and our love conquers this demon lurking in congregations and other communities.  The demon of arrogance which is projecting fear onto us from afar. But as long as we're far from it, it proves that people aren't willing to understand.  I challenge those who are anti-gay to break free of fear and see how some of your thoughts are not necessarily so.  Befriend us rather than fearing us and staying your distance.

The man of my dreams has entered into my life and I couldn't be happier.  It's like I'm in this dream that I haven't awoken from because it's all too magical and wonderful.  Never fear your desires of love because as long as you continue to do you part to positively share your power within yourself, then the right things will come and challenges will get easier.  They have in my life anyway.

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