Sunday, 4 May 2014

On "God's Not Dead" movie

Hey friends. As I said on my f book, I am doing a blog on the new Christian hyped movie "God's Not Dead".

First of all it was a little bit better than I had expected.. but it still was a terrible view on Christian culture and nonbelievers. The debates between the Christian student and Athiest professor were obviously the most intriguing parts of the movie which made me as an agnostic,  feel more excited for the the Christian student in a sense that he was trying to show people that we are all a part of some divine plan.

I believe in a certain divine path for everyone but don't necessarily think it has to be Christianity as the basis of peoples beliefs. I personally was happy to see the classmates agree that God was not dead because as long as others are happy and fulfilled in their spiritual lives, then I'm happy for them.

The big problem with the movie however, is that they made it seem like that if you were Christian then nothing unfortunate would happen to you, which is complete b.s... and then they show nonbelievers getting cancer, smashed car windows and even getting hit by a car... its that whole silly idea that only bad things happen to those who aren't Christian and personally,  I've been "blessed" since I've requestioned my beliefs.

The Muslim father who disowned his daughter for believing in Jesus was interesting also... cause we never see that sort of thing happen in the Christian culture, right? ;) What about the kids who come out to their parents about there sexuality? Oh, but they won't bring up those things now, will they? ;)

The Christian life is not some peachy path to the divine source even though we see a lot of Christians faking it and pretending that everything is all peachy. You can have just as good of a life if you are a good person to others and even Athiest. I can tell you that my Athiest grandfather had a happy fulfilling life because he never thought less of people for their beliefs. He loved us with all of his heart and was always someone to be looked up to regardless of your religious beliefs.

This movie had so much manipulative bull s**t loaded into it that overall it was pretty bad. In response, I would say "divination is not dead, but some of these religious fanatics need to grow up and see the world for what it is."


Willey out!

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