Saturday, 30 November 2013

Exploring More Options in Christian Ministry

This coming Friday I have a meeting with a professor who works in the Seminary.  We will be discussing my interest in continuing my journey in ministry through the church.  I also must mention that I am extremely thankful to my good friend and Anglican reverend, Emily Carr who has really paved the way for me in this beautiful spiritual path on which I finally am feeling the push forward into ministry work.  About two years ago I never would have thought that this would happen, during which time I was attending an Alliance church which was extremely fundamentalist.

In the past I felt the call to attend this and other churches in such denominations as Baptist and Pentecostal who seemed to harbor the same beliefs on the subject of same-sex relationships which the Alliance church stood for.  Which is that homosexuality in any situation is sinful and that if your passions remain too strong to be in a relationship with someone opposite gender as you, then you should remain celibate.  Also, you may not be a leader in their churches if you so much as openly support same-sex relationships because your views could corrupt the congregations and cause division in the church.

The problem with this sort of politic in the church, is that it does not consider those gay people that are burning with passions so much that they cannot control themselves.  I do believe that some gays are called to a life of celibacy, just like some hetero singles are.  However we can't ignore those who are burning out of control with passion for expressions of love.  Those who long for a companion in their body, mind and soul.

For gays like this, this sort of politic is in fact harmful.  Probably not indirectly from these peoples' hearts, but internally for those who are confused due to this.  They feel inside this strong and powerful loving nature. A natural longing which all humans feel but they fear the good inside of them and are sometimes so distraught and ashamed that suicide becomes an option for them.

For someone to intrude on one's personal life and denounce their calling in life which is possibly from Christ, is a very degrading and sinful act which does not follow Christ's golden rule.  Which makes the civil rights movement so important today because as long as there is this shameful stance in congregations and gay children are being raised to believe that their love is sinful, then we have lots more work to do.  When people like Wilna van Beek, a lesbian woman who denounces her longing to conform to the views of degenerate homophobic Christians, has these seminars which she claims as a message of love and receives standing ovations.  My God, we have lots to do.

All that these ridiculous people are doing is sugar coating this silly movement which is a next generation movement brought on my their successors, who have feared gays for much too long and even told them that God hates them.  It is about time to demolish this evil movement that man has made and continue to show gays that their love is not different nor shameful.  They are beloved children of God and as long as they remain on the path to their calling in life, then they will be blessed.  Even through the hardest times, they still are blessed with God's love regardless of what anybody tells them.  They do not need to feel any blockage from God and they are allowed to grow in their faith... they just need to believe it!

Being apart of the civil rights movement for GSD (Gender and Sexual Diverse) Christians is what has brought the push and doors being opened to where I am today.  I ask of you to pray for me as I see what my options are to start ministering within the church to not only GSD people but also to any person who is in need of ministering.  I am ready dear God and am looking forward to this journey.  I've known for a long time that this was a valued path in my heart and it brings me happiness and excitement to see if God will bless me with such a path.

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