Friday, 22 November 2013

The Elders are Floating on Our Water

Remain in the Lord's steadfast love; through his love we will fly,
for when we feel it kick in, we rise like a phoenix in a flame.

Do the best with what you have; because the world is a jungle,
Be thankful in the Lord, and count your blessings.

Question the Lord; for there are times we get lost in valleys,
Our Lord is our shelter, and he comforts us when we are faithful.

Do not fear judgement; those who judge you have poisoned hearts,
for each time you fear them, your voice may follow like a snakebite.

Do not argue with your elders; for they come from another time,
for each generation changes, and your actions are like shouts from the tallest mountain.

Do not fear your insights; for if no man has heard them, you will never be called wise.
As each man grows older, their world becomes a ship floating on your water.

The wicked will blame you; but never stop the Lord's calling of you,
for they take discomfort in change, and lack the wisdom he has taught you.

Follow the path the Lord has set for you; and fly like the flaming phoenix.
Whose flames will surely disintegrate the snakes who bite at your heart.

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