Wednesday, 2 September 2015

I Still Am a Man of Faith

Let me clarify something that I'm sure many of my friends and family have been wondering.  Yes, i walk a path that is somewhat taboo in Christianity.  I practice witchcraft, I cast the odd spell, I use Ouija boards, I call the corners and I believe that our universe has ancient powers that the divine has produced for us.  I would not call myself a Christian even though I've had so much social success in my past with the Christian community.  I've definitely done what I needed to do in the church and since have been remaining truer to myself and digging into my mind on what spirituality really means to me.

Why am I not a Christian?  It's not as if I completely shut the door on the Christian faith.  I just have so many doubts about Christianity after what I have been through with the church and what I've learned about religious history.  When I look to how the church operates, I haven't seen much spirituality rather than a political movement which is not spiritually led but only based on what is socially acceptable within their groups of minsiters.

What about what Jesus has done for me in my life?  I'm unsure if this is Jesus or something more ancient than the Jesus story.  Spirituality didn't start with Christianity thus I cannot be certain that the Christian god is the all knowing source in which I've been so blessed in my life.  But I'm not narrow minded.  I will participate in Christian services if someone wants me to be there with them.

I have more faith in the ancient religions like paganism and although Wicca isn't as old as Christianity, it still strikes the ancient spiritual notes in my heart which is a pagan path.  Maybe I'm an old soul or maybe it's just my personality but ever since I walked this path, I've been much truer to myself and things are finally falling into place for me.

I am a man of faith.  I have faith that Christianity can bring goodness and blessings into your life if that is the path for you.  Just like I have faith in my walk.  My walk isn't always perfect just like how the church isn't always perfect.  But we all want to find the answers within ourselves and if Christianity does that for you then so be it.  But I no longer seek the spiritual answers I used to in that path... it's simply not enough for me.  I do however ponder certain logic in the Christian community.

I have faith in a walk that has brought me into a deeper understanding of myself which I'm sure Christianity does for others.  let's just agree to disagree on certain theologies and simply love each other.  The only things I won't put up with are arrogant comments against the path i walk, because that is not love but only fear of something you do not understand.


  1. Love it Ryan. Love your writing from the heart. I will be writing my own 'faith' story to publish on ...Tom

  2. Exactly! You put this down quite excellently and eloquently. We are like brothers!