Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Common Sin

Let me make something clear…  Even though some people have imposing views which I view as harmful to their friends and family, they still have the right to have such beliefs.  Whereas I have the right tell them to give their head a shake when such views have damaged me in the past and continue to damage others.

I find nothing wrong in challenging someone, when their actions don’t even line up with the loving aspect of their own religion.  Like I said, there’s a strange and fake love in religious communities because of the politics which have taken over in some congregations.  It’s not the kind of love which is defined in their Holy book as patience and kindness.

Their excuse will likely be that “some people love in other ways”, however it’s an indifference in which unless you wish to strengthen their community politically, they simply are not there for you.  A person like this will likely just give me the cold shoulder and label me as a socialist.  That’s fine, but it will never stop me from expressing myself and exposing the emotional abuse which occurs inside your four walls.

And yes, you have the right to express yourself too, I just hope that one day the emotional abuse stops because it's the most common sin within the Christian community.

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