Friday, 18 December 2015

The Abortion Issue

When I was a child, my sister and I had a couple of hamsters and one had babies.  I didn't quite understand why the mother chose to eat her babies, but today I have a better understanding.  The mother understood that we, as humans could do whatever we wanted to these babies against her power and although we didn't plan on harming the babies, she knew that she couldn't protect them from what we were capable of.

It gives me an understanding of why some mothers, even though they are loving and caring towards children, make the decision to terminate a pregnancy.  Sometimes mothers cannot make a judgment on whether or not their child will live a life without constant struggle and wounds that may effect their children for the rest of their lives.  I understand that they may not want to bring a child into certain situations that are against their power.  Mothers deserves to have the choice.

It's not a very happy topic. I know that the choice can even haunt them for the rest of their lives but they usually already understand that.  Even so, they deserve the right if they so wish.  It's a personal matter and if you hold it against them, then you need to shake your head.  This is something that does not concern you.  Even if you are a mother who had thought about making the choice and decided not to.  Even if you are a mother who is so happy that they didn't do it and couldn't imagine your life without your child, it still does not concern you unless you are asked.  There are different circumstances in every life.

We live in a world when lives are very far from perfect and making it hard for people to even stay stable themselves.  Sure, there's adoption.  But some mothers don't feel that they could give the child up for adoption for a number of different reasons, which again do not concern you.

It is not up to you to make judgments against mothers who make the choice.  They are already unhappy that they went through with it, just as they would be unhappy that their child is off somewhere in the world and they're not allowed to know if it's okay.  The kind of thoughts that could make a woman go crazy.

I know that the haunting memory of the choice isn't of a good mental decision on the other hand but you can see why it is such a difficult decision to make and why they don't deserve bible verses or prolife statements shoved in their faces...  generally they know there will be consequences for the choice.  How are you helping by spouting comments of shame?  Let them live on and don't stand in their way of a possible happier tomorrow.  They're only human for Christ's sake.

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